Driving School SEO Expert

If you have been researching online driving school marketing with a website, you would have probably come across the term SEO expert, and some driving instructors seem to think they have a magical solution that will make their new website get to page one on google within a few days just because they are charging you a fee!

I was speaking to a franchised driving instructor the other day who was thinking about becoming independent in a couple of months, so I advised him to setup his own marketing driving school website now rather than waiting till he actually has made the transition, but he gave me all sorts of excuses why he shouldn't do that, and finally capped it with 'all I need to do once ready is to contact an SEO expert who will get my website up and running within a couple of days'!

Anyone can pass themselves off as an SEO expert in order to get your money, and they can even provide you with fancy website templates or even point you to other 'customers' they have helped to get onto page one of google for a particular search term, but the truth of the matter is that it takes time, effort and knowledge to gain an advantage over your competition in the search engine wars, and the earlier you start, the better it is for you and the more easy it is for your optimisation efforts to be rewarded.

Organisations like the AA, RED, BSM and the likes of LDC have been around for a very long time, have aged domain names that have earnt trust, are well known brand names and have thousands or even millions of links from a diverse range of internet websites, forums, blogs and even they still consult SEO companies to keep them at the top using various means backed by a large budget, so don't think you are just going to start overnight and dominate your local niche just because you are will to give some £250!

Over the last year and half or so that this blog has been in existence, I have shared various tips to help you as a driving instructor market your business not only online with a website or blog, but also off-line via your car, business cards and even enlisting the help of your current learner driver clients.

One thing that you will always note is that I mention hard work, consistency and a continual process. If you have some extra money that you want to give away, then send some my way, but there is no secret to becoming a sucessful business owner, time always has to take its toll, buy your driving school domain today, and get started, even if you have a franchise, I'm sure you would be happier turning away learners rather than hoping for more than is being provided. I am a SEO expert, and I have successful driving school in nw3 to prove it.

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