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Many ADIs or PDIs will be wondering if it is possible to use a completely free driving school website to market and advertise their instructor services online in a bid to get more learner drivers. Well the simple answer is yes, and I'll show you an example.

If you do a search on for 'driving lessons gloucester', you should find a website called 17+ Gloucester school of motoring

gloucester driving school ranking on google

This website is a completely free driving instructors marketing blog hosted on with no strings attached and appears on the first page of both driving lessons and driving instructor gloucester. While this might not be a pretty looking online presence, it proudly advertises the owners number and is doing better than some other prettier driving school marketing sites that might have cost 100s of pounds to create and maintain on a monthly basis.
The main disadvantage with this particular website case is that the driving school owner does not own the domain name which means he is stuck with if he wants to keep the current google ranking.

Now if you don't want to use a blog to market you instructor services, but prefer to use a more traditional website, are there any free webhosting resources you could try? Again the answer is yes, and a reader suggested a couple which I looked at, and I've decided to mention Moonfruit for a couple of reasons which I will share in a few moments.

moonfruit advert free driving school websites

As you are probably aware by now, I'm a fan of using blogspot for my driving school advertising activities as demonstrated by this blog and my NW3 driving lessons online marketing presence, and that is because blogger is already search engine optimised (SEO) and very easy to setup and update with very little effort and finally because it is owned by google it is completely advert free as well as guaranteed to be around for a long time.
If you are worried about not being able to have a personally registered domain name used with the blogspot hosting service, have a look at an article on how to use personal domain name from 123-reg and blogger.

For those of you that prefer a more traditional website, you can also use Moonfruit mentioned above with your own domain name.

Update June 2015 The website used as an example above has slipped off the 1st page of rankings, this could be due to the simple reason that relevant content is not being added on a constant basis, so don't think that you can just setup an online presence forget about it and think it will continue to be at its best. You need to monitor, update and make sure your content is still relevant. The other thing is always check links to make sure they are still valid as broken links can affect a page or site ranking when it comes to SEO.
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