Driving school marketing website one year on

It is just over a year and one month since I created my North West London driving school marketing website to illustrate how important it is to have an online presence to be successful as a driving instructor especially in these hard times of the credit crunch when many of your competition is offering ridiculously cheap lessons in a bid to attract more business.

While this advertising website was targeted at an area just outside my normal working catchment area (hampstead village NW3 London), and at the time I didn't have any clients in, a lot has happened, and I'm reaping the benefits of this online campaign.

The driving school website now ranks number 1 or 2 for the term driving lessons hampstead or instructor, is constantly getting hits and generating enquiries on a weekly basis, and this has meant that I now have more pupils to Supplement the downturn in number of people taking lessons due to the uncertainty in the current UK economic conditions.

There are some of you who might have started an online presence by registering a school domain name, maybe even bought some hosting package, but never followed through with the rest of the online driving school marketing steps, and thus have a half finished project which never produced any results for your self-employed business.

As I've always said on this marketing blog, you have to continually work on promoting both your business and website everyday if possible, both online and offline. I am now taking business from people who are based in NW3 London, some even have websites that are older than mine, and may even be charging less than I do, all because some people know that if you are on the first page of google.co.uk especially in the top 3, you must be offering a good quality service. Others will just call the first person on the list, and if they get a response within a reasonable time, don't bother to look any further, after all not everyone is looking for cheap driving lessons, but a good quality service.

So if you are one of those readers of these articles who have either been putting off doing some online business marketing via a website/blog, or you started but never completed it, then maybe this success story will motivate you to put action to your thoughts.

Update Jan 2015
My Hampstead blog has slipped down the rankings but is still on the 1st page. As I mentioned the targeted area was outside the normal area I was willing to travel to, and with the improvement in the UK economy I am now turning down most enquiries from this area so i'm not actively using this online tool presently.

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