Driving school Adverts be honest

In my opinion it is very important that your driving school marketing and advertising is honest and not be filled with half-truths. While you might initially get away with exaggerating facts about your business, in the long run it is a bad strategy and will come back to haunt you especially since it is very easy nowadays to spread bad news or gossip via social media such as facebook, etc.

I recently came across a driving instructor website, and the claims on it were far from the truth, the unfortunate thing is that it won't be hard for a potential learner driver to see through the half-truth and this will put them off using their services.

driving school advertising advice on how to do it

The other thing is that ADIs already have a tarnished image with a lot of the public, many thinking that we are only interested in money, and will try and prolong training, to maximise income so it is in the interest of all instructors that you be honest in your business advertising literature.

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