Driving school is good business!

One of my learner driver pupils made a comment today while out on tuition with me, that owning a driving school is good business because she saw so many driving school cars on the road!

Many people start an enterprise without doing proper market research just because they think there is a demand for services or know one or two people who might need a product which might not be currently available or diffcult to get!

One of the reasons a lot of driving instructors go out of business after just a few months or within the first 2 years is because they didn't do their homework properly. Yes there is a demand for driving lessons, and it is very hard to pass the DSA car test without help from an instructor (especially since there are rumours that more people will be failing following DSA changes in october). But do you know how many driving lessons you need to give a week to keep your business afloat, even more importantly how are you going to get those learners to pay for your services on a weekly basis?

Is the best way to promote your driving school offering cheap driving lessons with the promise of better quality at a lower cost? I've been told all I need to be sucessful is a good driving instructor website, and the orders will start flowing in!

Driving school marketing and advertising is not a simple one off process that can achieved over a short period, it is continuous, needs to always evolve, and even when you get on the first page of google, you work has just begun, because your competition is also working to be even more successful. Are you a marketing instructor? or are you just hoping that a few adverts in the local newspapers, yellow pages or leaflets will do the trick!

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