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I decided to experiment with driving school advertising on facebook since it has over 140 million users worldwide even though I'm only interested in 17 - 40 year olds in London who might want to learn to drive.

Ask any successful business person, and they will tell you it takes money to make money, so advertising and marketing needs a budget set aside for it as well.

The purpose of my marketing campaign on facebook was to attract people to a new page I had created which will serve as a hub to drive targeted traffic to my main website. I'm going to share the results here just so you can see how I got on, you can then decide if you should use a similar approach for your driving school marketing efforts.
If you need advice on how to setup a facebook marketing page for your driving school, then go to Self made minds.

I logged into my facebook account, and created a marketing campaign for the page, and opted for the pay per click basis as opposed to the number of impressions, since the object was to get fans to subcsribe.
Having selected the target market including, age, geographical location, interests, the system then recommended a bid amount for how much I was to pay for each facebook user that clicks on my advert 75p, but I was not going to pay that amount as it was too much and I only wanted to pay a maximum of £5 each day the advertisement was running.

So for the first day I only bid 10p and within the 24hrs my driving school advertisement only had 3 impressions(number of times it was shown), with nobody clicking on it.

For the second 24hr period I decided to double the campaign bid amount to 20p, this then resulted in 16843 impressions with 8 people clicking on the ad and thus being shown my facebook driving instructor page, but only 2 of them actually became a fan and subscribed. This low amount of clicks for such a large number of impressions meant that my adverts were less targeted, so I decided to increase the bid amount to 25p, but narrow the audience only to those interested in driving lessons as opposed to those that liked cars and automobiles.

My 3rd day of advertising gave me 6411 impressions and only 2 clicks, with no conversions, so no progress this time.

Still no more clicks and conversions on 4th day, so I've decided to keep the advert running until I reach my target.

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