Driving school website suspended

Can you afford to allow your driving school advertising website to get suspended especially after spending time and effort in getting it to rank for the driving related keywords for your local instructor market.

I was today doing some research on the internet for some driving instructor related services, saw a website on the first page of google for the terms I was interested in, clicked on thr link, and this is what I got!

driving school website hosting suspended

One of the reasons why I advice driving instructors to register their school domains themselves is that it gives them the freedom to choose who they use as a website host, whether it be a free one or paid! I included step by step details of how to do this in my earlier article, and the good thing is that it only costs £5 a year, so there is no reason why any of you reading this can't do it.

If you don't mind using a blog to market or advertise your driving school then you can use google's blogspot hosting for free, so all it will cost you is £5 a year to have an online presence which you totally control.

Remember with a website learner drivers come to you of their own accord, other advertising relies on you impressing them enough to try you.

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