Missed instructor marketing opportunity

Today I missed an opportunity to market my driving instructor services to a potential client while out giving lessons in my car because I had run out of business cards.

We were in traffic, when this cyclist pulled up next to my open window and said have you got a card on you? I looked in my dashboard pocket, but there where none, so I said sorry I've run out. He had a look at my driving school car graphics, read out aloud the school name trying to memorise it as he rode off. Now I have no idea if he would have called after finding out how much I charged for lessons, but at least he would have visted the driving school website, and maybe the information there could have persuaded him to pay a little extra for a higher quality instructor rather than go for the cheapest driving lessons he could find.

I have now restocked my car, so hopefully that will be the last time I miss giving out a card to a potential client and lose the chance of advertising my driving school.

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