Driving School Marketing key words

A quick article on chosing and using driving school keywords on your instructor marketing/advertising website or blog.

There are the obvious keywords that you will definately want to use such as driving school, lessons and instructor but as a newly created ADI promoting website you have very little chance of ranking for those high traffic much sought after keywords as the likes of AA, BSM, Red have much bigger makerting, SEO and advertising budgets to keep them on page one of google. What you want to do is concentrate or much less competitive long tails search phares which you can more easily rank for and are more targeted to your market in any case.

Take an example of my Hampstead driving school website, i'm targeting a much smaller and lower traffic keywords of "driving lessons in Hampastead", "learning to drive in NW3", etc. As it is more likely that anyone searching specifically for "independent driving instructor hampstead" is not interested in the big brands and thus giving me a better chance of getting the new learner driver from the enquiry.

Creating content for your keywords

To make sure your driving school marketing website or blog can rank for your targeted keywords, you obviously need to create relevant content, but the mistake many driving instructors do is they stuff the homepage or index page with their chosen words and think that alone will do the trick!
Having just one page of your advertising website will not work especially if there are no external websites linking to it (the amount of similar external authoritative websites linking to any url or hompage is what tells google that you know what you are talking about, and others trust you), you need to have multiple pages repeating in different ways the core services that you provide.

Take this blog of mine, it is about marketing your driving school or instructor tuition services, so far there are about 20 pages, and each article talks about different ways to advertise online and offline your business.
I have mentioned the importance of school car graphics, the need to have an online presence, chosing a driving school domain name, shared some ideas and tips on driving lessons marketing or advertising, so if any human or search engine robot visited here, they will be in no doubt as to what this site is about, I'm not just relying on having a relevant domain name or the index page having the right keywords.

This is an ongoing task of building up the authority of this blog, couple that with me contacting webmasters (friends, colleagus or even rivals in other towns) asking if they will be willing to link a relevant post is what gives the ranking for your targeted keywords.
As I have mentioned in the past, you don't just create a 5 page driving school website, sit back and start to hope the enquiries start flooding in, you need monitor, tweak and keep abreast of your competition. If you haven't got enough pupils to give driving lessons to, then you have time on your hands to do some marketing/advertising whether it be online creating relevant information to attract new clients to your blog or it be phoning, emailing prospective clients or existing pupils who have promised to add a link to their facebook profile or myspace.

Think out of the box!

If you do a search on google.co.uk for "driving test in hampstead", you will see my earlier mentioned website in either position 1 or 2, now it is very unlikey that anyone performing this particular search term wants lessons, but being at the top of the list means they will click on my site. I have posted some relevant information there for them to digest, they might already have an instructor to take them on the day, but if anything happens and they need someone else, guess who they will most likely use? This page could also attract someone who might have failed their test in another part of London, sometime ago, moved to Hampstead NW3 and are now beginning to think of having another attempt at the DSA test.

Thinks about what a learner driver, provisional licence holder might need, and provide a solution. This is one of the reasons why I like a blog, I can turn an incident that happened during a driving lessons into an informational post that will attract potential future clients, sometimes stealing students from other instructors because I offer more value tuition.

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