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Many of you might already have a marketing driving school website and might be wondering how do I promote it. I'm going to show you an example of how one instructor is doing it.

I was searching on the internet for information about the proposed DSA independent driving changes in october 2010 when I came across the following.

driving instructor advertising advice

Notice the purple highlighted link on the first page of for the term 'driving test changes 2010' the title of the page is "Driving Test Changes - Reasons to Learn With JSF Now!" clicking on the link takes me to a free press release page where the driving instructor uses the proposed changes to market his/her services and includes 3 links back to the driving school website.

I don't know how long that press release will stay on the first page of google for those search terms, but while it does, the catchy title will surely refer some traffic to the driving school and maybe someone in Gloucestershire will sign up for some lessons.

The use of links in the press release could be improved, as 3 links to the same home page is excessive. If I were the one, I would have a link to the home page, and a second link pointing to a different page which would talk more about independent driving and the DSA changes in October 2010. Having a look at the website of the school, there is one such page, but it contains almost the exact same information from the press release, I would have changed the page a bit, and linked to it from the press release, this would then allow my driving school page gain some authority from the well established free press release website, and in the future people searching for independent driving or dsa test changes in 2010 will hopefully find that page of my advertising website.

If you want more learner drivers to come to you, then you need to TAKE ACTION, don't just read this blog, register your driving school domain name and get a website created.

You need to add relevant content to your website or blog that will benefit readers with the appropriate keywords sprinkled throughout (make sure the words fit into the article naturally without spamming).
Promote your blog or website using tools such as twitter or facebook, in particular if an article is popular or doing well then spread the love! Ask your learners to post links in their social media, they are very willing to do this after a pass!
If you post a picture of them with their pass certificate make sure you write a review (using appropriate words like your brand name and area you cover and get them to endorse i!
You could also write a motoring article for your local newspaper especially if addresses a current traffic or safety issue.

There are no instant results guaranteed, but every little helps as JSF driving school in Gloucester knows.

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  1. Very interesting! I really like your articles- keep them coming. Could you do an article about the free websites available today- whether free is really free, or is it better to actually pay someone to create the website for you. Im talking about Moonfruit or Office for smallbusiness.