Funny driving school name

I noticed a funny driving school name on an instructor's business car the other day, 'Bloomin L I've Passed'!

I did a search on google, but could not find a driving school website for the instructor, but while that name might catch the attention of a teenaged learner driver, it does not do much as far as online marketing of an ADI is concerned. If there was a website, then one of the words that would be repeated regularly would be the driving school name.
The only people searching for 'Bloomin L I've Passed' will either be people who have seen the car on the road or those recommended by current learner drivers of the instructor.

Anyone else wanting to learn to drive in Edgware (which is where this school is based) will search for 'driving instructor edgware', 'driving lessons HA8', 'driving school near edgware HA' so you can see why it is important to have a school business name that contains the keywords people wanting your service will type into search engines.

As for the owner of 'Bloomin L I've Passed', he needs to learn about marketing, as I presume from the listing in Thomson Local directory, he does want more learner drivers.

Edit: I just spotted another name that I can not understand why it is being used: Bully-4-U Driving School!


  1. Another funny name I saw on a driving school car the other day was 'EL Gone'. No website came up on google, so if I needed the phone number I wouldn't be able to make contact.

  2. I noticed two the other day..No yelling driving school and driving me crazy driving school.:-)

  3. A couple I noticed in South Cumbria around Barrow-in Furness Area.
    L on Wheels & Starsky and Clutch.