Driving School Car Graphics

One good and not too expensive way of driving school advertising is having graphics on your instructor car.

Not a lot of independent business owners use this form of instructor marketing for various reasons, but it is very effective in drawing attention to the services offered as well as establishing the brand or driving school name especially if it has your school website on it.

If you have bought a car or leased it for 12 months then I would suggest you put some professionally designed graphics on it if you are really serious about getting more learner drivers to sign up with you.

But it is the only car I have and need it for private use as well. If you want to build up your business, then you have to deal with any pride, or not being cool issues. You want to be advertising your driving school whether you are conducting lessons or not. The more your brand is seen, the more likely you will get an enquiry, how many people see a car while it is giving lessons, say they should really call to start their lessons, but forget or are distracted and never get to it.

No company runs an advert once on telly or in the newspapers, they do it over and over, you buy a product because you saw it on the TV, heard it on the radio, saw it at a bus stop, etc. So let your car work for you even while you are sleeping, having a meal with the family on Father's day, doing the weekly shopping or at the cinema spending your hard earned money.

It might be expensive to put graphics on your school car initially, but over a year, the amount of exposure you will get, will surely pay off, take a leaf from AA, BSM and even RED!

As a driving instructor you need to think as a business owner, not a teacher, and marketing is all about being known and recognised by your potential clients, recommendations work, but if you are just starting out, then advertising is what exposes you, so make sure your school car is not just used for giving lessons, it should be calling those new learner in as well. The time to be cool and pose will come once you are making enough money, have an established business and your website is doing it's job.

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