Driving instructor marketing what have you done today

If your driving school needs more learner drivers, here is a question for you, what instructor marketing efforts have you tried today?

1. Could you have sent a sms text or better still called some of the people who have called you and made enquiries about learning to drive in the past 3 months (surely you have kept records of all those prospective clients including name). But if they are ready, they will call me, maybe or they might call your competitor.
Even if you only get one driving lesson out of 10 calls, that is better than sitting and waiting for the phone to ring. I use this marketing system regularly to top up sucsessful referals from my driving instructor website.

2. Have you registered that driving school domain name, that you have been putting off for the last 4 weeks? Did you know that all things being equal, a 3 month old domain will rank higher than one that was registered 1 month ago?

3. How about that overdue article you have been planning to write for your driving school website about the complex junction used by your local test centre, don't forget to drive down and take a few pictures to illustrate your maketing article. But if I give free test tips away, people will be able to pass the driving test without having to take any lessons or tuition with me! If you don't put the information on your website, people will not find your website, see it is useful, link to it and pass it on to others! In any case there will still be those who know the theory, but can't put into practise and they are the ones who will call you up especially if they had an attempt with one of your competitors who never quite gave them the helpful tips you shared online.

4. Could you have ordered your driving instructor business cards that you don't have.

5. How about washing your dual controlled instructor vehicle, so that it looks more attractive and those school advertising graphics can really shine through and grab the attention of new potential learner drivers.

6. Online forum activity. Use the free time to join a learner driver forum, and start giving advise to test candidates, you have setup a signature with your website url so people can also visit and find out more about the services you offer. If you are consistent with your activity, people will be willing to recommend or try you out.

Being a good teacher is just a small part of the things required to run a successful driving school business, marketing your services is just as important especially in the early years, as it will be a long time before you get a steady flow of recommendations coming in from those you have helped to pass.

So I ask again what driving instructor marketing or advertising have you done to grow your business today?

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  1. I used the advice given in step one above 2 days ago, and just got a call from one of the people I sent a text message to, asking to book a lesson!

    You don't get driving school clients just by hoping, market yourself continually.