Driving instructor advertising leaflet

If you are considering printing some advertising leaflets for your driving school marketing efforts, my honest advice to you would be don't bother, as the return on your investment is going to be very low.

Let me explain why door to door leaflet drops will not do much to attract more learner drivers to you.

Driving school advert leaflets are not targeted when posted through letter boxes. You have no idea if the house has any provisional licence holders who might benefit from lessons. Even if there is a potential learner driver, they might not be ready or have the money to start at the time of your marketing campaign. Assuming they decide to keep the leaflet, what are the chances they will find or remember your leaflet 9 months later.

How many people take a second look at leaflets that are posted through the door? Most people don't trust companies that advertise this way, consider them cheap or untrustworthy.

How much information can you put on a leaflet that will convince people to use your services, will that include price and will it satisfy the cheap driving lessons crew?

The people that will benefit most from your leaftlet advertising campaign will be the printer and distribution company (if you decide to use one).

A driving school website exposes your instructor services to people who are ready and actively looking for lessons, car for a test or refresher tuition, if you don't have one or have a poorly designed, non optimised standard website, you are losing out and also wasting money on the wrong marketing tools.

This week alone, I've already had 2 new pupils signed up for lessons after visiting my online blog, and it is just wednesday.

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