Choosing driving school name

There is nothing special about choosing a driving school name, but if you are serious about your marketing efforts especially online with a driving school website, then you need to extra careful on what name you eventually choose.

I mentioned previously in one of my earlier school marketing articles that learner drivers will normally search for either "driving lessons town name", "driving instructor place" or "driving school town/city" for this very reason you should make sure that the name you choose includes driving school so that when you register a domain name those words are included as well.

School of Motoring is dead, don't use that in the name of your business. The next thing you now need to do is setup your cheap instructor website.

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  1. It was this post that found me your blog. I have read practically all of it and thank you the info is helpful. Im still training at present but wanted to know what you mean about school name? Because of the way people search you should name your school accordingly or just the name of your blog- I assume that you mean to name your school based on location- what about other schools in the same area? Thanks