1 Reason for Driving School Website

Let me just show you one reason why you should have a driving school website even if you have enough learner driver pupils or are franschised to a national school of motoring.

I recently found this blog post by an American learner driver living in London who had just passed her theory test and commenced driving lessons with a BSM driving instructor who operates out of their Notting Hill centre.

As you can see from the article, she is pleased with Julian (the ADI), and has made a personal recommendation, unfortunately for him, he doesn't have an online presence in the form of a website or blog, and thus all she can do is provide a link (a very important and relevant one considering the article topic and content) to BSM.

If Julian had an online marketing school blog, that link would serve 2 purposes, first it would drive potential driving lesson clients to him which can be turned down if not available. The second role of that link would be a vote of confidence and if it had the relevant anchor text a boost in the search engine results for say "driving instructor in Notting Hill".

It does not cost a fortune to create a website to highlight your driving school services, in fact read my post on how it can be done for £5 a year, once you've created it, put it on your business cards, and let all your current students have them, the more that link to it, the more effective a marketing tool it becomes and it will be the only form of advertising you need to do.

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