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Let us now look at how to write very effective driving school posts or articles for our newly published driving instructor marketing website.

As I mentioned when we created our school advertising website, one of the advantages of using a blog instead of a static page solution is that blogs are optimised for search engines (SEO) and we will make use of this feature when writing all the pages that we will be marketing our tuition services with.

I have listed below the title of the 4 main pages that I want to publish on my lessons blog, in the order in which they will be posted on the site.

Lessons Price List NW3
Driving lessons Terms and Conditions
Your first driving lesson in Hampstead
MI Driving School London NW3

It is up to you how many pages you initially post, but as we will be constantly updating our school marketing website, there is always room to add anything that you think might attract more page views, and the more people that see your advertising articles no matter how long or short they are, the better your exposure, and the more likey you will get an enquiry which could be turned into a sale.

Now that I've given you the list, lets talk about what effective driving school marketing articles are, and how to write them.
The purpose of your article is two fold, it must attract the potential learner driver's attention, secondly it must contain enough information to sell your services to the reader and make them want to pick up the phone and give you a call. While doing this, we must not forget that search engines will also be 'reading' our website, so we must give them relevant information at the same time.

I'm not a perfect online internet marketer, so I don't know everything, but if you read the 4 pages I've posted above, you will see how I try to maintain a good balance between writing for humans, while at the same time making sure that search engines like google and yahoo can properly index and know what the keywords are that i'm targeting.

Your article title

This is your first step to capturing your audience's attention, but for our online marketing efffort, it is important that we know that it has a bearing (not the complete determining factor) on whether we beat our competition in the search engine results (SERPs) when someone looks for information online. So taking the example of my first article 'Lessons Price List NW3', I could simply have called it 'price list' and any human on my website would know it pertains to learning to drive, but a search engine might not, but more importantly by adding the post code I have strengthened the weight of the page for anyone looking for driving lessons price list in hampstead nw3. Our blogging software also uses the title to form the url page filename, and if the filename contains our target keywords, then google gives it a little more relevance than a page name not contain the words searched for.

School Marketing Content

When writing your website content, you want to make sure you emphasise your unique selling points as these are what will get learner drivers to become pupils of yours. Not everyone will choose a driving school only because of how cheap they are, many are looking for good quality tuition from honest instructors who will not be abusive or patronising.
While writing the content, don't forget you are marketing your information to search engines as well, so include your target words (notice how I use the words driving, school, instructor, lessons, Hampstead, NW3 and London regularly in all my pages), so it is clear that your specialist services or areas are. Don't overdo it, the way I normally write is I will do a first draft containing the information as required by a human reader, I will then review this making sure to add the keywords sparingly throughout the articles changing words where necessary.

It is little on page SEO techniques like these that can give your driving school website that advantage over your local competitor.

Above all, try and write unique content partaining to the area you are targeting, so information about local roadworks affecting learning to drive, test centre diversions or changes as well as difficult test route roads or manouvers are things like these will cause people to link to your website, and the bottom line is the more links you have, the better your marketing online presence will be. The other effect is that people tend to pass good articles onto friends or family which is exactly want you want to happen.

Finally don't make the mistake most driving school owners do with their advertising website, publish 4 pages, and forget all about it. Update your blog as often as possible with any information that might be of use to anyone learning to drive in your area, in addition to this keep reminding your learner driver pupils of your online presence and ask them to promote it for you, you do have your webite address on your driving school business cards?

Following these steps will put you on the way to getting those highly needed enquiries from potential clients.

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