Driving School Website £5 per year DIY

In this article, I'm going to give you detailed step by step instructions on how you can create your own affordable and cheap driving school website (we will be using a blog in this case), that will cost you as little as £5 a year and how this online marketing tool can be used to maximise your exposure to potential learner driver clients. To make this exercise as real as possible, I will be creating my own website as well so you can follow along, and see my progress.

I will break down this article into the various steps, and each step will be covered as a mini-article which will be posted over a couple of weeks, click on the orange title to be taken to the full article page.

Choosing and registering a driving school website domain name

The first step to getting an online presence, and choosing the right domain name is very important in order to effectively market your services via a website. Should I use a .co.uk or .com, how complicated is the process and how much is it going to cost.

Creating an instructor school blog and customising/optimising it

Why use a blog for your business website, how do I create one and host it, and are there any steps I need to take to get the best out of it?

Writing your initial school marketing blog posts and articles

Tips on writing the first few pages of content for your website, keywords, titles, tags and labels, should I write for search engines or human readers?

Associating your business website with registered domain name

To keep your website startup costs down, we have choosen to have our instructor school blog hosted by blogger.com for free, this doesn't mean that it can't have it's own idendity, and more importantly we can still use our specially chosen domain name which gives us a better chance of being found by potential learner driver clients.

Getting your business blog indexed in Google

Google is the king of search engines, and being listed in it's database is first step to letting people know that your school offers driving lessons in your local area. If you are not listed then you can't make page one! Tip: Don't sumbmit your url to google!

Monitoring your business website performance

You need to know how to monitor you driving school website's performance as with all your marketing or advertising efforts, to better understand what works for you and to increase your blog's effectiveness.

Promoting your driving school website

For your website to be an effective marketing tool to your business, you need to promote it, especially in the early days and the more effort you put in, the better it will perform online.

Getting your new driving school website on google page 1

Your ultimate goal is to get your driving instructor blog to the number one position on the first page of google's search pages result for the area you are targeting, that may never happen, but even if it did, it could take months or years, but getting on page one is a major achievement that should be possible if you work on it, and depending on your competition could take just weeks.

Attracting more visitors to school website

No matter how successful your driving school website/blog becomes you should always be looking out for ways to attract more visitors, as this means more enquiries, more sales, and a sign that your online marketing efforts are working and you can concentrate most if not all your buisness advertising there.

If you have followed the steps outlined above, you should now have a fully functional driving school blog that will serve as an online showcase for your business, and by continually working on it, you will be able to reap the results of your efforts in the form of more learner drivers and an increase in your annual income.

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  1. Nice tips on this site. I personally would go for both a website and a blog. There are a number of limitations design-wise as far as blogs are concerned.

    PS why do you tell people not to submit to Google?

  2. Sorry - followed the link and found the answer. However, I think best practice is to submit to Google AND get other links

  3. These are great informations you have shared. Thanks a lot for these valuable information.