Associating driving school marketing blog with registered domain

Now that we have successfully created our driving school marketing blog, added relevant content that effectively advertises our tuition services online to potential learner driver clients, it is now time to map the school domain name we registered to the blogger website we created. This step allows us to have the freely hosted blog on our domain name, the advantage being that we can at anytime moved to a paid hosting solution without losing any links that people have made to us in the future and our ranking in the search engine results will not be affected, so it is almost like eating your cake and having it.

The first step requires us to login to our 123-Reg control panel.

123-reg login

Click on the login to your control panel button and enter the details you supplied when you registered the driving school website domain name.

If you have more than one domain choose the appropriate driving school name, and click manage.

You should now see a screen similiar to the one below.

123-reg web forwrding.

Click on Web Forwarding. On the screen shown below, Select Non-framed web-forwarding and type the temporary url we used for our marketing blog when we created (remember I used

123reg customised blogger

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Web forwarding

driving school website forwarding successful

Now click on Back to Control Panel.

Select Manage DNS.

Scroll down until you see www, change the A to CNAME and replace the numbers with make sure you include the full stop after the 'm'.

driving school marketing dns changes

Click on Update DNS.

You will now have to wait a full 24hrs before proceeding to to the next steps.

Go to the blogger homepage, and login with your details.

blogger homepage for creating driving school website

From the dashboard, click on settings, from the next screen, click on publishing to get to the screen shown below.

using custom domain with blogger

Now click on Custom Domain

driving school website custom domain advanced settings

Click on Switch to advanced settings.

changing driving school website to uk domain

Enter the details of the 123-Reg domain you registered, type in the word verification and click Save Settings.

You have now successfully redirected your driving school website to use your business domain name while still enjoying free webhosting from google's most powerful blogging platform.

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